The Businessmodellers start new initiatives based on new economic insights. Please see our website for a quick view of our latest projects. We are serial entrepreneurs.

We invest in good ideas, dreams and guts. Please give us a call if you fancy a coffee and a talk.

In one-on-one sessions with C’s, we try to reveal what dream the C is truly trying to catch and realize. This personal dream is the motivation for the C’s to work on in the business. With this knowledge we have multiple sessions about the business and where it tries to create value. Together we design a complete new business model, or update the most recent. We pay attention to the value proposition of the business. In this way we create a long term sustainable reciprocal value for you, your business and your customers in B2B and B2C environments. 

The Businessmodellers are a small, young, independent and experienced group of highly educated professionals which are creative to the bone. Experience Economy (certified expert #131) is leading in our way of thinking. The Businessmodellers can be hired for creative sessions, strengthening of the current or new businessmodel, expert opinions about business propositions and working on long term solutions within the business. Please be aware The Businessmodellers is not a conventional consultancy agency. We prefer it not to be. What we like to do is talk about dreams, targets, goals and reenergize the company. You (and only you) are capable to do the real work yourself. Not someone from outside (we do not believe in that kind of consultancy projects: when the consultant leaves the knowledge leaves as well). What we can do is help you see your business with a different pair of glasses and work with you towards a new mind-set and reality which is necessary to create long term sustainable reciprocal value. Just keep it practical. That’s all what The Businessmodellers are about. Just like your businessmodel.

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