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Private equity.


Providing capital is our daily job. We search for ways to fund a business and its entrepreneur in a way that helps building the business but is not a first step to take over it. We currently run a portfolio of businesses where we provide the capital but not mingle ourselves in the daily business practise: everyone has a strenght and leading businesses is mostly the strenght of the founder/ceo. Not ours.

We provide capital from business seed stages until capital round C and everything in between. We want to make impact. We want to be part of the change. 


A place to come to

Next to investments we also offer an alternative form of Executive Coaching. We call it BHAG'ing. BHAG'ing is based on Jim Collins and Prof. dr. Henry Robben their 'Big Hairy Audacious Goal'. We dive into the needs and greeds of the entrepreneur, their roots, their role in this world and that of their company. We aim for strategic plans and find ways to realize them. When your life becomes an experience, your business will become too.

We provide places for meeting up, working, gathering, conferencing and for getting the best coffee. We are headquartered in Hoofddorp, Netherlands, but have different locations over the world, among which are in Boston (Massachutes), Milan (IT) and Capetown (SA). The purpose is to create spaces where people from companies we fund or provide capital for, can spend time in to do whatever they want. The togetherness of different companies in one location creates a natural ecosystem of companies with a mindset of impact.

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