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Who we are.

Started more than 20 years ago, we have seen almost every aspect of the process from idea generation untill sucessful exits and beyond.

The ever evolving connection between our private lives and our business lives. For most wealthy individuals or families it is just one and the same.

TBM Investments is a small boutique style investment firm that invests capital in ideas, business and ventures that do more than just creating margin. We search for ideas that have great impact on the world and on society. With university degrees in general management, business administration, marketing and valuation, we know that the old way of doing investments maybe died a long time ago.

We believe in people, we have trust in humanity, respect for the universe and encourage people and businesses to make the difference. We have been entrepreneurs from a young age and learned to be humble. Happiness over the Dollar is our motto.

At TBM Investments, we understand from our own experience that the relationship between investing and wealth is intricate and ever-evolving. Recognizing that accumulating wealth is not a linear path of constant success, but rather a journey filled with challenges, has led us to adopt a broader perspective. This realization forms the core of our approach and is the reason why we have expanded our expertise to encompass wealth management and the management of complex structures worldwide. Having personally encountered the ups and downs of the financial world, we are motivated to assist our clients in navigating similar challenges and achieving sustainable prosperity. We connect our personal journey with our professional expertise to guide you on your path to financial success and peace of mind, regardless of the challenges you may encounter.

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